Kids Review Lilac Skully!

The reviews are in…

Kids are the toughest and also the best audience. They’ll let you know when they love something, and they’ll let you know when they don’t. So, I’m always a bit nervous and extra-excited at the same time to hear what kids think about the Lilac Skully books. They’re the kind of books I would have loved to read as a kid… but what do “today’s kids” think?! Read on to find out!

Bridget and the Books (by Bridget, 4th grade)

“This Book is about a girl who lives in a mansion infested with ghosts who are known as: Fredrick “Mr. Fright,” Milly ” Little Girl Ghost”, Archie and Bram “the Butler ” so her father goes missing and when she tries to do a seance to get rid of the ghosts Mr. Fright gets mad and starts shaking the door some strange people break in that night that apparently want to kidnap the ghosts so they work together to stop the people but Mr. Fright won’t cooperate until the end of the book– SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! ? oops ….”

Haha! Make sure to head over to Bridget’s blog to read the spoilers and the rest of her review for books 2 and 3 (plus many other awesome book reviews and author interviews.) And in case you can’t tell, Bridget enjoyed the Lilac Skully books. Her mom said they were some of her favorite spooky books of the year. Awww thanks, Bridget!

A Pocketful of Books (by Ellen, age 9)

“I really enjoyed this book, it is a good mix of scary and fun. Lilac is a really likeable character, because she is plucky and determined, and also pretty funny at times. The story has a great pace and lots of action and mystery, and a nice and varied range of additional characters. The creepy setting and all the spookiness is just enough without being too frightening. The themes of friendship, trust and finding your own strengths give the book lots of depth and ensure that it is also a heartwarming story. I think this is a really good combination.”

Aww thanks, Ellen! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Read the rest of Ellen’s review plus lots of other fantastic book reviews for and by kids, here on A Pocketful of Books.