Meet Amy on Bridget and the Books!

Thanks so much, Bridget for not only reviewing the Lilac Skully series but for featuring me in a “Meet the Author” interview!

If you don’t know Bridget from Bridget and the Books, she’s “a girl who loves to read” and a kid book reviewer (and her mom is pretty cool, too!). Bridget features reviews on what she’s been reading as well as interviewers from children’s authors and illustrators on her blog.

So, I won’t spoil all of the fun here, click over to Bridget’s blog to read…

  • Where I got the inspiration for the Lilac Skully series
  • A ridiculous story I wrote (and won a regional contest for) when I was 9 and 1/2, which is a similar age to both Bridget and Lilac Skully.
  • And… which fictional world I would pop into if I could!

Don’t miss these thrilling topics plus more… here on Bridget and the Books.